Honey Bee Bath Blaster

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Honey Bee Mine Bath Blaster by bomb cosmetics Bath blasters are one of the easiest, most convenient and fun ways to use aromatherapy and essential oils in everyday life. Each blaster has a carefully selected blend of pure essential oils, designed specifically to create a mood, heighten an emotion or simply take you on a walk down memory lane. Honey Bee Mine, been stung? The buzzy bee will capture your heart and mellow your mind, body and soul with its pure clary sage and ylang ylang essential oils to leave you feeling loved. Relax as the pure butters leave your skin feeling silky smooth and pure Lavender & Rose essential oils comfort & soothe. Drop your Honey Bee Mine Bath Blaster into a warm bath and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water. Rinse bath well after use. The Honey Bee Mine Bath Blaster comes wrapped and labelled in clear cellophane, ideal to give and receive as a gift.

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